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Brain Interface - Computer: FCTUC and Swiss Hospital make Pioneer Experience PDF Print E-mail


A researcher at the Hospital / University of Geneva, comfortably installed in a chair with a device (comprised of electrodes) in the head and in front of a computer.
In Coimbra, at the Laboratory of the Institute for Systems and Robotics (FCTUC), a small robot.



This was the scenario for the creation of an experience of remote control a robot by brainwave (Brain Computer Interface), with an innovative and reliable interaction between people and machines, which took place at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of FCTUC .

This new interface (developed under the European project BACS - Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems) that allows remote control of a robot using only his brain waves and vision, will have in short term, a strong social impact because it will allow people with physical disabilities much more serious autonomy, as explained in very simple language, the coordinator of research, "with a simple and unobtrusive device electrodes, citizens with very special needs, for example, quadriplegic or bedridden, will have autonomy to perform everyday tasks such as picking the phone, ask for help, open the door, open the fridge, etc. ..
This system will undoubtedly have great social utility.


DN Robo Cerebro

JN Robo Cerebro

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